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At Haven Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Center, we offer a free consultation

with Computed Tomography (CT) scan included ($500 value).

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Esthetic Crowns
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First Implant
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Dental Plan
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General Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Implants
Emergency Dentistry
Oral Surgery
Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Teeth Whitening
Deep Cleanings
Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
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Haven Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Center is your best option for dental services because:

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  • Same day treatments.
  • Call now to make an appointment; our team works quickly and diligently so that your visit to our office is seamless.
  • Walks in welcome.
  • Emergency patients.
  • PPO and In Office Plans Available.

About Haven Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Center

Welcome to Donghan Kim, DDS’s dental clinic, Haven Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Center, located in Rancho Cucamonga.

Our warm and friendly dental clinic offers comprehensive care as well as an in-house membership program to help lower treatments costs!

Our team provides complete family dentistry services to the community at the best prices. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Invisible Braces

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How Do Invisible Braces Work?

Invisible braces, often referred to as clear aligners, work by gently exerting pressure on the teeth to guide them into the desired position. Customized for each individual, these clear aligners are crafted using advanced 3D imaging technology, ensuring a precise and effective treatment plan. As the treatment progresses, patients switch to a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, gradually moving towards a beautifully aligned smile.

The Aesthetic Advantage

One of the primary attractions of invisible braces is their aesthetic appeal. The transparent material used in their construction ensures that wearers can straighten their teeth without drawing attention to the orthodontic treatment. This is particularly beneficial for adults and professionals who may feel self-conscious about the appearance of traditional braces.

Comfort and Convenience

Unlike traditional braces, invisible braces are removable. This feature not only allows for easy maintenance of oral hygiene but also provides the flexibility to enjoy meals without restrictions. The absence of metal components reduces the likelihood of discomfort or irritation often associated with traditional braces.

Shorter Treatment Duration

Invisible braces are renowned for their efficiency in achieving desired results within a relatively shorter timeframe. The customized treatment plan, combined with the innovative technology, allows for quicker adjustments and, consequently, a speedier path to a beautifully aligned smile.

The Evolution of Orthodontics

The journey to perfecting a smile has witnessed remarkable advancements, and invisible braces stand at the forefront of this evolution. Unlike traditional braces with conspicuous wires and brackets, invisible braces are designed to blend seamlessly with the natural color of teeth, making them almost imperceptible.

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